Growth from the Inside-Out
Every organization has a unique potential and the ability to change from within. When you tap into this ability, organizations become more responsive: agile, resilient, energetic and working in coherence. Moving As One supports teams and organizations to realize this. Our consultancy services revolve around Organizational Development and comprise the following, related, themes:

  • Vision & Mission;
  • Strategy;
  • Brand identity & Positioning;
  • Leadership & Team development.

We create impact with clear insights and intrinsic motivation of the people involved. This leads to organizations in which people and teams collaborate in coherence and, as a consequence, are more responsive.

Responsive Organizations
Why is it that the majority of change initiatives falls short or fails altogether – be it corporate transformation programs, mergers and acquisitions or any type of strategic change initiative? Often, change is imposed from the Outside-In. Which means that people and their relationships are generally overlooked.

Change is more effective when ignited from the Inside-Out – because then it triggers intrinsic motivation and creativity with your people! As a consequence, your company evolves and grows organically, faster and more effectively. It builds a stronger position in the markets it serves as well as in the ecosystem it is part of. Then it becomes Responsive – better able to anticipate customer needs and respond effectively to unexpected events.

A (change) plan is only as good as the people that make it happen.

Change is not so much about having organization charts, KPI’s, processes, plannings and direct reports installed.

Change is an ability inherent in the people of your organization.

How do you tap into that ability?

Responsive Organizations
Moving As One helps to develop responsive organizations.

Responsive Organizations have a strong awareness about their place and added value in their market and ecosystem. They combine this awareness with strong imagination about the possibilities they have. Because they are very well connected with their customers and other stakeholders, they have an excellent understanding how they can develop their potential, step by step.

“In responsive organizations, people become your ultimate differentiator, because change is inspired, not managed.”

Responsive organizations are organized in ways that enable them to adapt naturally and effectively to changing market circumstances and unexpected events. They are able to do so because people in the organization are well attuned to one another, everybody has come into their own in a safe environment and contributes. There is a strong sense of purpose, high autonomy and a coherent organization. As a result, the company senses the needs of their markets very well and adapts swiftly and effectively. Thus, it evolves and grows from the Inside – Out.

Our starting points
People and their collaboration make the difference. Not plans. In a responsive organization, people work in high autonomy. This means a shift in leadership thinking: their role is to help people thrive in a safe environment. This allows for an organization to live up to its unique potential. This unicity – determined by its mission and unique culture – is needed to draw the right people to the organization, attract the target customers and build a strong reputation among all stakeholders.

Why a responsive organization?
Companies need to mobilize all their capacities and creativity in order to thrive in unpredictable environments. This requires an awareness about the value of your company in its market and ecosystem. It requires imagination to understand the full potential of your value proposition. Subsequently, it means finding new ways of leading, organizing and collaborating.

Contact us if you want to create an organization in which change becomes inherent. An organization with a strong alignment behind a clear purpose, in which people collaborate seamlessly and respond effectively to its changing environment.

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