Organizing for control or success?

The way many companies shape their marketing strategy still reflects a predictable world with steadily growing markets. Their hierarchies and decision making processes are centralized in a structure of authority and autonomy which decrease as one goes down in the ranks of the organization.

This model no longer works for many companies, since our world has become increasingly more volatile and unpredictable. Executives can no longer assume that, if there is a performance gap, the operation should be changed. As much as the operation, the strategy itself must be under constant scrutiny and adaptation. Marketing Strategy is a continuous process of learning and adapting that involves the whole organization.

Effective marketing calls for rethinking how people in your organization work together, how workflows and teams are created that operate more fluently (across ‘silos’) and can respond more effectively to what happens in the market and economy or society at large. After all, responsiveness is what marketing is all about…

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