Free webinar ‘Growth from the Inside-Out’
Thursday, May 20, 15.00 – 17.00 hrs. CET (in Dutch)

The webinar ‘Growth from the Inside-Out’ explains why it is better to change from the inside-out than to ‘manage’ change. It details why responsive teams and organizations are necessary, what this requires from management and how you can develop them. 

Responsive teams and organizations stand in stark contrast to organizations where change is ‘managed’. Responsive organizations adapt organically and effectively to changing (market) circumstances and unexpected events. Often, they anticipate change and set the tone in their markets. In these organizations people are well attuned to one another and they have come into their own. There is a strong sense of purpose, high autonomy and a coherent organization. As a result, responsive organizations sense the needs of their markets very well and adapt swiftly and effectively.

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Corporate webinar ‘The Art of Moving As One’
We also offer organizations the possibility to have a tailor made webinar for their leadership and management. In this corporate webinar, we will discuss the fundamentals of responsive organizations in detail, applied to the specific situation of your organization. Included in the webinar are:

  1. Detailed intake to understand your specific situation and objectives.
  2. Three hour webinar for selected executives, managers or staff.
  3. Follow up Q&A session to discuss internal feedback and first findings.

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